Mathematics: Mission statement      

To develop an appreciation of the intrinsic delights and application of Mathematics in the real world.

Key Stage 4

Students have the opportunity to build on the excellent foundation provided in Key Stage 3 and tackle with confidence the whole mathematical syllabus.  Most Students achieve A* or A grades at GCSE and some students will be given the opportunity to take an additional GCSE in Further Mathematics.

Students are taught in Sets 1 to 4 in each half year group.  The sets are determined by the students’ performance within the end of year test in Year 9.  Performance is then closely monitored and set movements may occur if any students achieve suitable results during the year.  Regardless of which set a student is in they will be given every opportunity to achieve to their full potential.

Year 10

These students are following the new EDEXCEL syllabus which will lead the students to achieving grades 1 to 9, 9 being the highest.  The grade 8 or 9 would be equivalent to a current A* grade.  The grade 9 gives an opportunity to the top performing students to be rewarded for their achievement.  All students will be expected to achieve a grade 5 or above.  Grade 5 is the international benchmark and equivalent to a good pass at GCSE.  Students in year 10 have 8 periods a fortnight, increased from 6 periods, to meet the demands of the new GCSE course.

Link to Year 10 Scheme of Work

Year 11

These students are still working to the older EDEXCEL syllabus which means all our students will be expected to achieve a grade between A* and C.  The majority of students should achieve a grade A* or A.  The setting arrangements for year 11 are the same as for year 10.  Year 11 have six periods of Mathematics a fortnight.

Link to current Year 11 Scheme of Work



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