Pupil Premium Reviews

Pupil Premium Reviews

We  are  delighted   to  be  able  to  offer  reviews   of  the provision  your  school makes  for its disadvantaged  pupils using pupil premium funding.


What Does a Review Entail?

The purpose and outcome of a review is to provide a new pupil premium strategy for your school. The review will be tailored to your needs. As a guide it may include:


•    An   analysis    of   attainment/progress    of   pupil premium children and identification of gaps/areas for development;

•    An  examination  of  pupil  premium  spending  and the impact so far;

•    Exploration    of    the    effectiveness    of    existing interventions and consideration of new    initiatives;

•    Advice  on informed  decision  making,  monitoring and  evaluation  of the pupil  premium  and  future steps for improvement;

•    Observations   of   interventions   and   discussions with key staff, governors and pupils.


             Cost of a Review

This is negotiable based on the size of your school and the length and depth of the review you want.
As a guide, for a two-­â€form  entry  school,  a  detailed  review  generally  takes 3–4  working  days.  You  
can  pay  for  the  review  using  your pupil premium or any other part of your school’s budget.




After  the  review  your  school  will  receive  a  report  that includes   action   points   for   improving    
pupil  premium spending, implementation and monitoring effectiveness.


This will be signed off by the reviewers and the school.



To discuss or organise a Pupil Premium Review, please contact Mr C Morris on 01634 844008 or email   his PA, Mrs Pullies at