Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation: Mission statement

To bring the ancient world to life for all students, through language, translation and visual imagery, and from an historical and literary perspective.


Key Stage 3

Latin is the students’ first experience of an ancient language an


Key Stage 4

Students are challenged to develop their grammar acquisition through more complex pieces of Latin translation, including original passages from ancient writers. Their knowledge of the ancient society shifts to a political level, where men were dominant, slaves were exploited, conspiracy was common and worship of the emperor as a god was a form of social control.


Key Stage 5

Classical Civilisation at A’ level gives students access to the ancient world entirely in translation. Students study ancient texts (both historical and fictional) from a critical perspective, and gain an understanding of a society which was submissive for women & slaves, had a fascination with death and whose entertainment was adaptations of notorious mythological and dysfunctional families!


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