Mission statement

To ensure all students are actively supported to foster a positive personalised learning environment which will enhance their musical potential. This will nurture their creative aptitude whilst placing an importance on self –discipline, teamwork, confidence and maximising achievement.


Key Stage 3

To enable students to explore, understand and enjoy a diverse variety of musical genres through a practical and creative approach. Students’ active participation encourages creativity, problem solving, independence and teamwork.

Key Stage 4

To extend and develop the students’ musical skills, ability and enjoyment of music through listening, composing and performing. Students learn key ideas and concepts which facilitates their practical application in a creative setting. They have opportunities to build upon experience of playing with others and independently and apply techniques from a breadth of musical genres.

Key Stage 5

To provide students with a broad range and depth of subject knowledge and skills. The course of study encompasses all styles allowing students to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of music from early music through to the twentieth century. The course advocates preparing each student thoroughly including analytical skills along with traditional harmony and counterpoint.
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