Sixth Form Induction

Induction information for September 2020 admissions

New external applicants to the Sixth form can find induction lesson material for each of their subjects by clicking on the links below.  Existing Year 11 students will be undertaking induction activity via Google Classrooms

Art and Photography

READ ME FIRST - Introduction to A Level Art and Photography

Reveal and Conceal information

Task 1 - Conceal and Reveal

Task 2 - Conceal and Reveal

Task 3 - Conceal and Reveal




READ ME SECOND - Student Information

Lesson 1 - Cell surface membrane

Lesson 2 - Phospholipids

Lesson 3 - Eukaryotic cell cycle and mitosis

Induction homework



READ ME FIRST - Introduction to Chemistry

READ ME SECOND - Chemistry Course Information

Task 1 - Physical Chemistry

Task 2 - Organic Chemistry

Task 3 - Quantitative Chemistry

Factsheet 1      Factsheet 2      Factsheet 3      Factsheet 4

Factsheet 5      Factsheet 6      Factsheet 7      Factsheet 15

Factsheet 16    Factsheet 17    Factsheet 103


Classical Civilisation

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Computer Science

Welcome to Computer Science - A-Level

OCR Computer Science Specification

Year 12 Boolean Algebra - Main Intro

Fundamental Laws on Boolean Algebra

Boolean Algebra Exam Style Questions

Boolean Algebra Exercises 1

Boolean Algebra Exercises 2

Boolean Algebra Exercises 3

Boolean Algebra Simplifications

Karnaugh Maps General information

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Design and Technology

DT Sixth form induction


Drama Academy

SJWMS Sixth Form Drama Academy



Lesson 1 Material:

Economics induction year 12 macro 

Economics induction video commentary

Growth and Development Kenya article

Threat of no deal Brexit article

Key Economics Macro diagrams induction

Lesson 2 Material:

Economics Induction year 12 

Economics induction video commentary

London house prices article

Lesson 3 Material: (for lesson 3 please only complete enquiries 1, 3, 4 and 6 and answer all questions for those enquiries in detail).

Induction year 12 Economics enquiries


English Literature

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Long Term Plan 2020-21

A Level English Literature Course Outline



Introduction to the Course Video (Mrs Gibson)

Lesson 1 Le bac de français

Introduction to A Level French Video (Mrs Manchaud-Green)

Lesson 2 Overview



Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


Government and Politics

Subject Overview Politics

Lesson 1:

1.1 Induction

1.2 Induction Resource

Lesson 2:

2.1 Induction

2.2 Induction Resource 

Lesson 3:

3.0 Induction

3.1 Induction Resource

3.2 Induction Resource

3.3 Induction Resource



Lesson 1:

Starter Source Ancien Regime

Causes of the French Revolution Lesson

The French Revolution - Task 2&3

Lesson 2:

Sources sheets - Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Lesson

Lesson 3:

Induction - Germany Second Reich

Germany - TASK 1 Second Reich

Germany - TASK 2 page 1

Germany - TASK 2 pages2&3


Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Year 12 Induction Day Useful Information 2020

A Level Mathematics - Lesson 1, Introduction to Binomial Expansion:

Intro to Binomial Expansion Pure Lesson

Binomial Expansion exercise

A Level Mathematics - Lesson 2, Introduction to Binomial Distribution:

Introduction to Binomial Distribution - Statistics Lesson

Binomial Distribution Worksheet

A Level Mathematics - Lesson 3, Introduction to SUVAT and Constant Acceleration Equations:

SUVAT Equation - Mechanics Lesson

Harder-suvat-problems Quest

A-Level Further Mathematics Induction lessons:

Year 12 Further Maths Induction lessons

Summer Revision Booklet:

Year 12 Summer Revision Booklet

Well done to all of you for your engagement with the work that we have put on this google classroom. It has been great hearing from many of you via email and helping you to progress through the three interesting topic areas that we have given you during this induction.

Although this Year 12 induction has been very different to other years, the same qualities have shone through. Attention to detail, perseverance and the willingness to challenge your Mathematical thinking have been clear for us to see.

Enjoy your summer, keep practising your Mathematics using the booklet we provided and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our department in September and helping you to reach your potential in A-Level Mathematics


Music Induction

Lesson 1 Skills Audit and Performance

Lesson 2 Harmonisation

Lesson 3 Set Works and Analysis


Physical Education

Lesson 1: The Commercialism of Sport lesson A Level

Lesson 2: Ethics and Deviance 

Lesson 3: 

Vitamins B1,B2 and B3 handout

Vitamins B1, B2 & B3

The A Level PE Handbook covers all aspects of A Level PE.

The term ‘super curriculum’ is widely used by educational settings to describe the reading, research and exploration of academic subjects above and beyond the narrow curriculum content prescribed by exam board specifications, click here to view the full 'super curriculum' information 



Physics Induction Lesson 1 - Numeracy:

L1.1. Lesson 1 Instructions

L1.2 Edexcel GCE Physics - Course structure

L1.3 Checking equation rearrangement skills

L1.4 Introducing the A Level Equations of Motion

L1.5 Equations of Motion Question Sheet Side 1

L1.6 Equations of Motion Question Sheet Side 2

L1.7 Momentum

Physics Induction Lesson 2:

L2.1 Lesson 2 Instructions

L2.2 Literacy Skills in Physics 2

L2.3 Literacy Skills in Physics 3

L2.4 Literacy Skills in Physics 4

Physics Induction Lesson 3:

L3.1 Finding the average frictional force on a trolley across the floor

Post-induction Physics Work:

Letter to prospective Year 12 Physics students

Physics post-induction summer workbook

1-Distance-and-Displacement    2-Displacement-time-graphs    3-Velocity-time-graphs

4-More-Motion-Graphs    5-Acceleration-Calculations    6-Calculating-the-displacement-from-a-v-t-graph

7-Newtons-Laws-of-Motion    8-Resultant-Force    9-Work-Done-and-Power    10-Current-and-Voltage

11-Ohms-Law-and-Resistance    12-Electrical-Energy-and-Power    13-Answers-to-Questions



Introduction to A Level Psychology

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3



Introduction to A Level Spanish

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3


6th Form Extra Curricular Sport provision at SJWMS

Please click here for information regarding 6th Form Extra Curricular Sport provision at SJWMS


6th Form Music Academy

Please click here for information regarding the 6th Form Music Academy