In-year Admissions

In-year admissions:

The method to apply for a place at this school during the academic year is the casual admission process.

Please complete the casual admission form (available here) and return it by email to

When we receive your completed form, your son will be invited to sit an 11+ style test to determine if he is of selective school ability. Please note that if your son has already been deemed selective by Medway Council, the result is valid for 12 calendar months. If your son reaches the required academic standard and if a place is available in the year group, a place will be offered.                                            

If an offer is not given, due to the school being oversubscribed or your son not reaching the required academic standard, you will be able to appeal. Please note this school is currently oversubscribed in all year groups. 

The flowchart here may also be helpful to parents.