Catering Menu

All menu options are subject to availability.

Please contact with any catering queries.

Our breakfast, break, lunchtime and drinks menu's are as follows: 

Breakfast Menu  
Bacon or sausage in a  Roll £1.20
Ham and Cheese Toastie 90p/£1.80
Cheese Toastie 90p/£1.80
Bacon slice 70p
Roll and butter 60p
½ Teacake 30p
Toast 30p
Fresh Fruit 50p
Yoghurt 60p
Break Menu  
Bacon Roll  £1.20
Sausage in a roll £1.20
Bacon & egg muffin £1.20
Sausage & egg muffin £1.20
Hash Browns (3) £1.20
Sausage Roll  £1.20
Pizza Slice £1.20
Topped Pitta £1.20
Garlic bread slice 70p
Panini £2.20
Ham & Cheese Toastie half 90p
Cheese Toastie half 90p
Sweet Treats 80p
Biscuits 50p
Lunch Menu  
Hash brown/sausage (2/2) £1.80
Chicken wings (5) £2.20
Chicken nuggets (6) £1.80
Double cheese hamburger £2.20
Chicken stack burger £2.20
Fish finger roll £1.80
Hash Browns (3) £1.20
Savoury pastry £1.20
Pizza Slice £1.20
Topped Pitta £1.20
Garlic bread slice 70p
Panini £2.20
One pots £1.80
Cheese/bean jacket £1.80
Half jacket with cheese 90p
Daily special £1.80
Daily special £2.20
Cold dessert 80p/£1.00
Sweet Treats 80p
Biscuits 80p
Chicken jo’s wrap £1.80
Pasta king from £1.80
Tugo pizza £2.20
Home foods  
Student main meal £1.80
Student main meal and pudding £2.20
Student hot pudding 85p
Adult main meal £2.16
Adult main meal and pudding £2.64
Adult hot pudding £1.02
Juice burst £1.00
Milkshake carton 70p
Hydra carton 70p
Hydra bottle £1.20
Yazoo £1.20
Perfectly clear £1.20
Water – 330ml 70p
Water – 500ml £1.00
Cup drinks 40p