Catering Menu

Please note the menu and prices below are just a guide - we are having a new catering provider from September 2019 and their menu and prices are yet to be confirmed.


All menu options are subject to availability.

Please contact with any catering queries.

Breakfast Menu  
Bacon or sausage in a Roll £1.20
Ham and Cheese Toastie 90p/£1.80
Cheese Toastie 90p/£1.80
Bacon slice 70p
Roll and butter 60p
½ Teacake 30p
Toast 30p
Fresh Fruit 50p
Yoghurt 60p
Break Menu  
Bacon Roll  £1.20
Sausage in a roll £1.20
Bacon & egg muffin £1.20
Sausage & egg muffin £1.20
Hash Browns (3) £1.20
Sausage Roll  £1.20
Pizza Slice £1.20
Topped Pitta £1.20
Garlic bread slice 70p
Panini £2.20
Ham & Cheese Toastie half 90p
Cheese Toastie half 90p
Sweet Treats 80p
Biscuits 50p
Lunch Menu  
Hash brown/sausage (2/2) £1.80
Chicken wings (5) £2.20
Chicken nuggets (6) £1.80
Double cheese hamburger £2.20
Chicken stack burger £2.20
Fish finger roll £1.80
Hash Browns (3) £1.20
Savoury pastry £1.20
Pizza Slice £1.20
Topped Pitta £1.20
Garlic bread slice 70p
Panini £2.20
One pots £1.80
Cheese/bean jacket £1.80
Half jacket with cheese 90p
Daily special £1.80
Daily special £2.20
Cold dessert 80p/£1.00
Sweet Treats 80p
Biscuits 80p
Chicken jo’s wrap £1.80
Pasta king from £1.80
Tugo pizza £2.20
Home foods  
Student main meal £1.80
Student main meal and pudding £2.20
Student hot pudding 85p
Adult main meal £2.16
Adult main meal and pudding £2.64
Adult hot pudding £1.02
Juice burst £1.00
Milkshake carton 70p
Hydra carton 70p
Hydra bottle £1.20
Yazoo £1.20
Perfectly clear £1.20
Water – 330ml 70p
Water – 500ml £1.00
Cup drinks 40p