Yr7 First Day arrangements

Their First Day

Monday 3rd September

10.00am – 3.00pm

As we know the first day at a new school can be daunting, both for the students and their parents/carers. This sheet is here to give you a helping hand as to what to expect for his first day at secondary school, what he should bring with him and what we at SJWMS aim to achieve from this day.

Things to know
Students must wear their full school uniform and look presentable. Please refer to school website for full information on uniform required if unsure. We will meet on the Da Vinci Playground.

The Canteen will be open but will have only a small selection for food on offer for those boys with funds on their Wisepay. Alternatively your son can bring in a packed lunch.

School stationery (pens, pencils, ruler etc.) are needed as well as their games kit.

The day itself
He will be taking part in various activities on his first day. Here is a brief outline of Monday 3rd September’s schedule.

- Registration
- Welcome meeting assembly
- Housekeeping – allocation of lockers, homework diaries
- PowerPoint based activity covering the DO’s and DON’T’s at SJWMS, expectations      of the students, general FAQ’s
- Lunch
- Orienteering (PITT, RIVER, THETFORD) Team Building (BRIDGE, CASTLE,                GORDON)
- Orienteering (BRIDGE, CASTLE, GORDON) Team Building (PITT, RIVER,                    THETFORD)
- Physical team building/trust activities

Our aim
From these activities we aim to make our new students feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. We hope that the fun team building exercises will allow them to form new friendships with their classmates and give our teachers an insight into each student’s personality and academic learning style. Orienteering will aid in getting to know the layout of the school and help with finding designated classrooms.

We look forward to meeting you