Posted on: August 16th 2018

A Level Results for Summer 2018

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A Level Results 2018

It has been a superb year for sixth formers at the Rochester Math School. The 173 Year 13 students who collected their results enjoyed considerable success.

11.5% of all grades awarded were at A*, while over 35% of all grades secured by these senior students were at  A*-A grade.    

35 students, 20% of the year group, gained 3 or 4 A*/A grades. 9 youngsters secured 3 or 4 A* grades alone.

The average points per entry, a measure of the average grade per A level taken, is 39.04, a B+, which is equal to the highest ever achieved by students at the school.

Remarkably, 75 students (43% of the year group) avoided any grade lower than a B.   

These results mean that students have made significant progress over the two year A level programme relative to their starting point at the end of their GCSE courses. Our progress measure places the school in the top 25% nationally.

The Russell Group and Oxbridge university hopefuls from the school had particular cause for celebration.

The top performing students are John Morley (Imperial College, Geophysics) who gained 4 A* grades, followed by Amrit Attra (Cambridge, Natural Sciences), Matthew Chen (Cambridge, Economics), Harrison Harris (Cambridge, Computer Science), Arjun Jhaj (Durham, Mathematics), and Anna Worthy (Manchester, Physics),  who all gained 3 A* and 1 A grade. Jacob Coulson (LSE, Finance) and Evgeny Gurin (LSE, International Relations and History) both gained 1 A* and 3 A grades, while James Friend (Durham, PPE) secured 2 A*, 1 A and 1 B grade. Samuel Baldock (Durham, Politics) gained 1 A*, 2 A and 1 B grade. Sean Shirley-Smith (to be decided) achieved 3 A and 1 B grade. Dylan Beaver (Surrey, Psychology), Thomas Mancini (Nottingham, English) and Michael Parker (Imperial, Mechanical Engineering) all gained 3 A* grades.   Matthieu Martin (Nottingham, English) secured 2 A and 2 B grades, while Ryan Obee (to be decided) gained 1 A* and 3 B grades. Jasmine Bennett (Edinburgh, English), James Casey (Bath, Biomedical Science), Luka Humphries (Durham, Mathematics), Liam McSwiney (Warwick, Mathematics) and Harman Mlait (Nottingham, Economics)  all gained 2 A* and 1 A grade. Ruby Finneran (to be decided) achieved 1 A and 3 B grades. 

Headteacher and Interim CEO Eliot Hodges said ‘I’m delighted and proud of what our students have achieved. They have worked enormously hard and it’s been a privilege to witness what they’ve done’.  

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘The students of the Math have done it again and triumphed in reformed A level courses that are more demanding than ever before. Well done to them all and their dedicated  teachers’. 

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School

A Member of The Williamson Trust