Documents and Policies

There are a number of policies which are generic across the Williamson Trust.  These can be accessed here.

The following documents and procedures operate within the Trust Policy Framework

Page Documents Date  
TNSP17 Teaching & Learning Policy 20th Jan 2016 Download
TRLOD05 Complaints Procedure 20th Jan 2016 Download
Accessibility Plan 21st Jan 2016 Download
TNSP 7 Homework Procedure 03rd Oct 2016 Download
TNSP11 Children who Are Looked After Pol... 03rd Oct 2016 Download
TRLOD07 Exclusion of Pupils procedure 06th Mar 2017 Download
Acceptable Use of ICT Agreement for Stud... 08th Mar 2017 Download
TNSP20 Cover Procedure Nov17 28th Nov 2017 Download
TRLOD 06 Designated Teachers Nov 17.pdf 28th Nov 2017 Download
SEN Information Report 29th Nov 2017 Download
SEN policy with APPX B November 2017 30th Nov 2017 Download
TRLP 06 Curriculum Offer Narrative 2017... 26th Mar 2018 Download
TRLP08 Equality Policy 17th Apr 2018 Download
TNSOD 2 Road Safety School Travel Plan 2... 09th May 2018 Download
TRLOD 08 Freedom of Information Act Proc... 09th May 2018 Download
SJWMS GDPR Privacy Policy 15th May 2018 Download
TRLP5 Collective Worship Policy 27th Jun 2018 Download
TRLOD2 Attendance Procedure 27th Jun 2018 Download
Whistle Blowing Procedure 17th Sep 2018 Download
TRLOD17 Target Setting Procedure 2018 21st Sep 2018 Download
RLP3 School Charging and Remissions Proc... 21st Sep 2018 Download
TRLP4 Child Protection/Safeguarding Proc... 04th Oct 2018 Download
TNSP5 Governors' Visits to School Proced... 21st Sep 2018 Download
TNSP 22 Provider Access Procedure 04th Dec 2018 Download
TRLOD 1A Anti-Bullying Procedure 04th Dec 2018 Download
TRLP 12 Behaviour Statement 04th Dec 2018 Download
TRLP 14 SEN Procedure September 2018 04th Dec 2018 Download
TNSP 12 Medical Procedure 04th Dec 2018 Download
TNSP0A Assessment and Marking Policy Mar... 11th Mar 2019 Download